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Language Schools & Universities in Barcelona
If you are staying in Barcelona for a longer period of time it's advisable to learn at least one of its two official languages, Catalan or Spanish. Most people choose to learn Spanish due to its widespread usage in Spain and abroad, but Catalan is also recommended. A good command of Catalan may open up a whole new world of friends and business contacts. Especially as many Catalonians consider Spanish to be a foreign language.
Escuela de Idiomas Modernos:
UAB www.uab-barcelona.com
(Language courses at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).
c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret 171. Tel.: +34 93 433 50 60.
Duration: 2 weeks - 6 months, intensive 20 h / week, €180 per week (for a course of 2 weeks).
Other courses include individual classes, study breaks, business Spanish and theme-focused seminars).
Ptge. de la Pau, 10bis, 1ª2a. Telephone: 93 318 70 70.
Language and culture association for foreigners in Catalonia.
Specialized in Spanish for foreigners.
Courses 4 months: 8 h / week, €255, 4 h / week, €145.
International House Barcelona:
c. Trafalgar 14 Tel: 93 268 45 11.
Intensive courses of 4 hours per day, Mon to Fri, 2-4 weeks from €170 / week.
Tandem Barcelona:
c. Ronda Sant Antoni 100. Tel: 93 301 4634
Standard courses (20 hours per week)
Intensive courses (20 hours + 10 per week) 2-4 weeks from €129 per week.
Versión Original
Lengua Versión Original, S.L.
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 636 1er 1a A, 08007 Barcelona - Spain
Phone: 93 412 45 76 / Fax 93 412 32 79
E-mail: info@versionoriginalbcn.com
Don Quijote:
Gran Via 629. Tel.: 933 27 72 00.
Intensive course 20-5 hours per week
Prices: €160-220 per week (plus registration fee of €32)
c| Entença 320, entlo. 1a. Tel: 93 4051 200.
Intensive course of 20 hours per week.
Prices: €170 per week (plus registration fee of €50). Special deal: 4 weeks for €499.
SOL also assists with student ID cards, accommodation and insurance.
Centro Humboldt:
Via Augusta 18, 5 Tel.: 93 237 51 11.
Intensive course, 20 hours per week (10 a.m.-14 p.m.).
Prices: €182-213 per week. They also offer intensive courses in the summer.
C2 Barcelona:
C| València 282, pral Tel: 93 272 16 34
Intensive courses of 20 hours per week, Intensive courses of 30 hours per week.
Prices: €163-190 per week, €245-280 per week.
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas:
EOI, Drassanes, Av. de les Drassanes 7, s|n. Tel: 93 324 93 30.
Favorable prices, courses of several months (often waiting lists to enter classes).
First of all, anyone who is considering studying in Barcelona should be aware that the majority of courses at the city's universities are taught in Catalan. Some students spend months preparing themselves for Spanish only to discover that there course is in Catalan, so make sure you check first..

Some professors hold seminars in Spanish if the group contains a lot of international students, but this is the exception not the rule. Upon agreement with the university, written assignments by international students may be submitted in Spanish.

Barcelona is the seat of three major universities:

Universitat de Barcelona
The main office is located on the Ronda Universitat, however, its faculties are spread across the city. The local contact for exchange students is Ms Claudia Benito (becsoc@pu.ges.ub.es) Telephone: 93 403 53 86.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
A public elite university in the old town, where students are taught in trimesters. The main office is located on the Plaça Mercè, 10am-midnight (near the Port Vell). Contact number for exchange students: Telephone 93 542 21 29, E-mail ari@grup.upf.es
Universitat Autònomade Barcelona
This university is located on the other side of the Tibidabo near Cerdanyola (Reachable via underground from Plaça Catalunya). Contact name for exchange students in the Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales is Joan Anton Carbonell (joananton.carbonell@uab.es), for Socrates exchange schemes Xavier Biarnès (xavier.biarnes@uab.es) and Mònica Leiva (monica.leiva@uab.es) for Erasmus students. (Telephone: 93 581 31 05). More information: erasmus.student.network@uab.es | www.uab.es/as-esn
USEFUL INFORMATION for student life in Barcelona:
(Formalities, regulations, part-time work etc.)
Barcelona Centro Universitario

Oficina Central, c|Calàbria 147, Eixemple. Telephone: 93 4838 393.
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